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Bruce Springsteen

Born: September 23, 1949, Long Branch, New Jersey American rock musician, who released his first album in 1973. The backing group that played for him is called Bruce Springsteen. Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame (Performer) and Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1999.

Review: No rock performer has spoken with more authority on the human fallout of the American Dream than Bruce Springsteen. Darkness on the Edge of Town and Nebraska are American Gothics haunted by star-crossed lovers and noble souls hag-ridden by fate into crime, depression, and worst of all, ordinariness. But lest we forget, the original denim rocker has also written some of the most uplifting songs in AOR: every line of "Born to Run" and "Glory Days" offers an ideal place to hang your troubles out to dry. Springsteen plays the perfect tailor for the damaged lives that populate his lyrics, recognizing the tiny flaws and the holes that gape in the human fabric, and doing his best to mend them -- sometimes with simple compassion, sometimes with joy. Just about everything the Boss has done has an air of permanence about it. You just know that when generations hence try to grasp what life meant to us, his music will offer an important clue. But despite his many accomplishments and incredible fame, something has kept the Boss down to earth. He generously handed out hit songs to Patti Smith and Robert Gordon in the 1970s, and even today continues to promote the careers of lesser luminaries such as duet partner Elliot Murphy.

Aliases: Bruce Zirilli, Jersey Devil, The Boss

Bruce Springsteen Discography

Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. (108 Versions) Columbia 1973       Track Listing
The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle (102 Versions) Columbia 1973       Track Listing
Born To Run (205 Versions) Columbia 1975       Track Listing
Darkness On The Edge Of Town (121 Versions) CBS 1978       Track Listing
El Rio (2xVinyl) CBS 1980       Track Listing
River (Vinyl) Columbia 1980       Track Listing
The River (109 Versions) CBS 1980       Track Listing
In Concert / MTV Unplugged (31 Versions) Columbia 1981       Track Listing
Nebraska (99 Versions) Columbia 1982       Track Listing
Born In The U.S.A. (220 Versions) CBS 1984       Track Listing
Tunnel Of Love (104 Versions) CBS 1987       Track Listing
Lucky Town (56 Versions) Columbia 1992       Track Listing
The Ghost Of Tom Joad (44 Versions) Columbia 1995       Track Listing
The Promise (22 Versions) Columbia 1996       Track Listing
We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions (16 Versions) Columbia 1998       Track Listing
The Rising (34 Versions) Columbia 2002       Track Listing
Devils & Dust (26 Versions) Columbia 2005       Track Listing
High Hopes (25 Versions) Columbia 2007       Track Listing
Magic (15 Versions) Columbia 2007       Track Listing
X3 - Nebraska / Tunnel Of Love / The Ghost Of Tom Joad (Box Set, 3xCD) Columbia 2007       Track Listing
Working On A Dream (25 Versions) Columbia 2008       Track Listing
Wrecking Ball (15 Versions) Columbia 2012       Track Listing
The Christic Shows, November 16 & 17, 1990 (3xCDR) 2016       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
Avenging Annie / Blinded By The Light (2 Versions) Columbia 1973       Track Listing
Blinded By The Light (4 Versions) Columbia 1973       Track Listing
Spirit In The Night (5 Versions) Columbia 1973       Track Listing
Play:Back (Vinyl) Columbia, Epic 1974       Track Listing
Sandy (4th July, Asbury Park) (2 Versions) CBS 1975       Track Listing
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (10 Versions) CBS 1975       Track Listing
Enfrentamiento En La Décima Avenida (2 Versions) CBS 1976       Track Listing
Hurricane (Part I) / Born To Run (Vinyl) CBS 1976       Track Listing
La Luz Ciega Mis Ojos (Blinded By The Light) (3 Versions) CBS 1977       Track Listing
Badlands (13 Versions) CBS 1978       Track Listing
Demuéstralo Toda La Noche (Vinyl) CBS 1978       Track Listing
Demuestralo Toda La Noche (Prove It All Night) (Vinyl) CBS 1978       Track Listing
Outside The Seven-Eleven Store (3 Versions) Not On Label 1978       Track Listing
Promised Land (3 Versions) CBS 1978       Track Listing
Prove It All Night (17 Versions) CBS 1978       Track Listing
Badlands / Something In The Night (2 Versions) CBS 1978       Track Listing
Rosalita (4 Versions) CBS 1979       Track Listing
Hungry Heart (55 Versions) CBS 1980       Track Listing
Point Blank (4 Versions) Not On Label 1980       Track Listing
Two Hearts (Vinyl) CBS 1980       Track Listing
Bette Davis Eyes / This Little Girl (Vinyl) EMI America 1981       Track Listing
Cadillac Ranch (5 Versions) CBS 1981       Track Listing
Fade Away (6 Versions) Columbia 1981       Track Listing
Fade Away / Be True (2 Versions) CBS 1981       Track Listing
I Wanna Marry You (2 Versions) CBS/Sony 1981       Track Listing
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (12 Versions) Columbia 1981       Track Listing
Sherry Darling (14 Versions) CBS 1981       Track Listing
The Killer Tracks From The River (Vinyl) CBS/Sony 1981       Track Listing
Atlantic City (11 Versions) CBS 1982       Track Listing
Jole Blon (Vinyl) Ick Ben Da Boss 1982       Track Listing
Open All Night (7 Versions) CBS 1982       Track Listing
Bailando En La Obscuridad (Dancing In The Dark) (4 Versions) CBS 1984       Track Listing
Cover Me (35 Versions) CBS 1984       Track Listing
Cover Me / Jersey Girl (4 Versions) Columbia 1984       Track Listing
Dancing In The Dark (57 Versions) CBS 1984       Track Listing
Four Super Rocks (2 Versions) Discos CBS 1984       Track Listing
Murder Incorporated (13 Versions) Columbia 1984       Track Listing
Special Edition (Vinyl) Discos CBS 1984       Track Listing
Cover Me Limited Edition Double Pack (2xVinyl) CBS 1985       Track Listing
Girl's Got A Brand New Toy / I'm On Fire (Vinyl) CBS 1985       Track Listing
Glory Days (27 Versions) CBS 1985       Track Listing
I'm Goin' Down (18 Versions) CBS 1985       Track Listing
I'm Going Down (Vinyl) Columbia 1985       Track Listing
I'm On Fire (20 Versions) CBS 1985       Track Listing
I'm On Fire / Born In The USA (7 Versions) CBS 1985       Track Listing
I'm On Fire / Johnny Bye Bye (4 Versions) Columbia 1985       Track Listing
Janey, Don't You Lose Heart (Vinyl) CBS 1985       Track Listing
My Hometown (21 Versions) CBS 1985       Track Listing
Pepsi Is Music (Vinyl) CBS Especial, Pepsi 1985       Track Listing
Tears Are Not Enough / Born In The U.S.A. (Vinyl) CBS 1985       Track Listing
The Born In The U.S.A. 12" Single Collection (2 Versions) CBS 1985       Track Listing
Rendezvous (9 Versions) Bruce Records 1986       Track Listing
War (Vinyl) CBS 1986       Track Listing
Brilliant Disguise (27 Versions) CBS 1987       Track Listing
Fake / Brilliant Disguise (Vinyl) CBS 1987       Track Listing
Fire (8 Versions) CBS 1987       Track Listing
One Step Up (18 Versions) CBS 1987       Track Listing
Tougher Than The Rest (25 Versions) CBS 1987       Track Listing
Chimes Of Freedom (21 Versions) Columbia 1988       Track Listing
Spare Parts (21 Versions) CBS 1988       Track Listing
Viva Las Vegas / It's Now Or Never (3 Versions) New Musical Express 1990       Track Listing
57 Channels (And Nothin' On) (33 Versions) Columbia 1992       Track Listing
Better Days (15 Versions) Columbia 1992       Track Listing
Human Touch (80 Versions) Columbia 1992       Track Listing
If I Should Fall Behind (3 Versions) Columbia 1992       Track Listing
Leap Of Faith (9 Versions) Columbia 1992       Track Listing
Todo O Nada (All Or Nothin' At All) (Vinyl) Sony Music 1992       Track Listing
Roll Of The Dice (2 Versions) Sony Records 1992       Track Listing
Luvky Town (Live) (CD) Columbia 1993       Track Listing
Streets Of Philadelphia (22 Versions) Columbia 1993       Track Listing
Secret Garden (31 Versions) Columbia 1995       Track Listing
Youngstown (2 Versions) Columbia 1995       Track Listing
Dead Man Walkin' (5 Versions) Columbia 1996       Track Listing
Missing (8 Versions) Columbia 1996       Track Listing
Anima Mia / Secret Garden (Vinyl) Columbia 1997       Track Listing
Happy (CD) Columbia 1998       Track Listing
Sad Eyes (10 Versions) Columbia 1998       Track Listing

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