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What's the best way to remove static from vinyl records?


Robert Benson
10.6 years
What's the best way to remove static from vinyl records? That would depend on your budget. There are many solutions available to record collectors including the DeStat II by Furutech which runs about $450 USD. However, that is not practical to most record collectors, so here are a few more products available:

anti-static inner sleeves $25 USD for 50
Knosti (UK) $75 + $25 USD for cleaner
Milty Zerostat 3 anti-static gun (UK) $60 USD
AudioQuest LP record clean brush $25 USD
Zerostat3 Anti-Static Gun $100 USD

All claim to reduce or eliminate static from records. As a long time user of the ZEROSTAT3, anti-static inner sleeves and the AudioQuest record cleaning brush, these are a wise investment and you will have countless hours of listening bliss.


Jay N
Musical Energi
United States

17.5 years
67321 items
a free alternative is to wipe with a damp soft cloth in a circular motion going with the grooves... dry air increases static, so increasing humidity will help, therefore wiping with a damp cloth will end your problem and not cost a penny


Hong Kong

12.7 years
2480 items
I agree with Jay on this one. I've had one of these anti-static gun and didn't seem to do much. I've now washed my vinyl with soap, water and a good, soft brush and that didn't help either. Still lots of pops, cracks and snaps. Then I got mad and got creative. Bul-Tak! Roll up a big dob of it and firmly roll it around the record a few times. The blu-tak come up dirty and 90% of the noise disappeared. Wonderful.


Konstantin Volkov
Russian Federation

5.1 years
7921 items
Radical: To wash vinyl. Not to wipe after wash. Just dab the record and let the record dry by itself.

Easy: To wipe the record with damp soft cloth. The cloth should be very easily dumped, so the water drops should not appear at vynil after wipe.
I do it before each play.
Throw away all your "specialized" expensive dry cleaning brushes and pads.

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