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How do you remove mold on vinyl records?


Jules Woodell
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United Kingdom

18 years
43135 items
Mold can difficult to remove, it can harden in the grooves after time and is often a cause of background noise and jumps.

If you do not have a professional record cleaning machine try diluted washing up liquid in warm water. Wet the record in the solution, (there should be enough washing up liquid to make the surface slippery) and then carefully hold the edge and turn with one hand, holding the fingers of the other fairly firmly so that the record can turn between fingers and thumb. If you feel grit, stop, rinse and start again, grinding grit into the grooves will do more harm than good!

Once complete rinse in fresh water (Distilled if you have it) and stand to dry, I lean drying records against a wall, as any sort of holder such as a dish rack will keep water against the grooves.

Once the record is dry, check for any droplet stains, these can be removed with a soft lint free cloth, (Again, turn the record and hold the cloth to the grooves, do not rub across.

CARE: the ink on some record labels may run, particularly brightly coloured labels from the 50s and 60s, also some shiny labels may bubble and be damaged by long exposure to water. Matt paper labels are fine


Green Man
Green Man Musick
United Kingdom

12.7 years
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Jules Woodell has got this spot on.
UK 60's items who's ink dyes dissolve in water are typically blues (Decca) & pinks (Pye).
Never was multiple items in the same bowl as records with white or yellow labels pick up dis-colouring.


Brian Worth
United Kingdom

4.6 years
24803 items
Agree with Jules. I let trhem soak for 3/4 minutes and then I use a very (opposite side of a green scourer type pad NEVER use the Green side only the sponge yellow) - soft sponge to wash in the washing up liquid and rinse in running luke warm water. 60s CBS/PYE/PICCADILLY are very bad for colour running. keep draining water and use fresh washing up liquid. Never used any of the various chemical mixes and found this method spot on

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